Carreteras resistentes a los derrapes reducen los accidentes en un 40%

It is expected that the advances in what we lead, such as driverless cars, drastically reduce the number of deaths and serious injuries on the road in the coming years.

Although mentioned less frequently, the surfaces we drive will also be crucial in reducing traffic accidents, the Transportation Agency said.

The holy grail of road designs is the slip resistant road, since the accident rate for injuries is between 4.5 and 9 times higher on slippery roads than in those resistant to these incidents.

New Zealand is much closer to achieving that than many other countries, thanks in large part to two of the smartest trucks on the road. These trucks use a laser magic so powerful that they are the road equivalent of Superman's look.

"New Zealand is a world leader, is at the forefront of slip resistance and equals at least Europe," said Darren Newland, who oversees the slip test trucks for the British company WDM.

"Light years ahead of the Americans in terms of sliding resistance control."

Landslide-related deaths have fallen by almost 40 percent since the New Zealand road inspections began for the Transportation Agency in the mid-1990s.

Their latest high-tech trucks, which are still unique to New Zealand, fire 20 lasers on the road, detecting grooves and depressions, as well as measuring roughness and slip resistance, all at a speed of up to 80 km / h.

The Transport Agency then analyzes the data of a computer inside the truck, called 'The Tardus', and detects the black spots.

"Un buen ejemplo sería en la State Highway 2, cerca de Wellington. Tuvimos accidentes regulares con conductores que derrapaban", dijo Mark Owen de la Agencia de Transporte". Tienes un largo camino recto y luego una curva cerrada". Y al usar la información de la información de los camiones de prueba de deslizamiento podríamos decir que sí, tenemos un problema de derrapaje".

Ayudó a identificar la mejor mezcla para sellar carreteras, en este caso la más cara de todas, la bauxita calcinada, que es casi tan dura como los diamantes.

"Los accidentes simplemente se redujeron de inmediato. En los primeros dos años [después de volver a sellar] hubo aproximadamente dos accidentes en ese sitio, mientras que en los meses anteriores habíamos tenido accidentes de forma regular con personas que se salían de la carretera".

One of the tangible proofs that the roads are firmer than ever is that the slide test trucks now pass through several hundred slip test tires every summer, 10 times more than before.

"I really believe that the work we do really saves lives on the road," Newland said.

WDM aims to increase the number of lasers under each truck, as this will allow a more detailed exploration to detect each crack and thus help keep the water out.

Meanwhile, the strength of the roads is being measured by another machine, the Traffic Speed ​​Deflectometer, which is halfway through a global inspection of all roads, which will be completed by the end of next year.


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